Saturday, July 13, 2013

An Introduction to Marion's Mittens

Marion has made a lot of mittens.  In addition to making them for her big family, she also makes them for her daughter's second grade classroom each year.  She's been knitting for over 60 years.

Marion prefers Simply Soft yarn by Caron.  It's a very soft 100% acrylic yarn that holds up to gentle washing and drying.  The mittens turn out to be fairly stretchy so they can accommodate a variety of hand sizes.  Check out some of the colors that Marion has used over on Etsy.

some of the colors of Marion's Mittens

These mittens are knitted in the round, meaning that four needles are used to create each mitten.  The thumb is created later and knit right into the hand.  There are no bulky seams to cause discomfort.  The wrists are ribbed to keep cold air out and stretch to a variety of sizes.

ribbed wrist of a purple sparkle mitten

Marion makes mittens for adults in one size.  These are usually 11 inches long but can be customized into other sizes!

Kids' mittens come in a few different sizes based on age:

  • Ages 5-6 are 8.5 inches long
  • Ages 7-8 are 9 inches long
  • Ages 9+ are 11 inches long

Marion also makes thumbless mittens for babies and little kids.  They are 6.75 inches long and a little less than 3 inches wide.

Easter egg baby mittens
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  1. I bought a few pairs and I love them!

    1. So glad to hear it! My grandmother is always thrilled to hear from the people that wear her mittens. :)