Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Marion's Mittens >> Fall Maker Series on The Hook Nook Life

This week's blog post is over on the Hook Nook! I was honored to be chosen for a feature by the team at THN. Jessica's Instagram is beautiful and inspirational.

I decided to write about strategies for success when you have a limited amount of time. Marion's Mittens is not my full time job. It's what I do for fun after work. But to make it work for me and my customers, I have to plan ahead.

If you're new and just finding me from THN - welcome! I'm Laura, and my grandmother and I knit all the items you'll find in our Marion's Mittens shop. We use her vintage 1940s patterns and super soft yarn to make cozy mittens and a lot more. You can see what we've been up to on Instagram @MarionsMittens

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Finding and Cleaning Up an Antique Sewing Cabinet

During my road trip to Green Mountain Spinnery and Basketville I also stopped at several Vermont antique shops. Big Red Barn had some reasonably priced treasures and almost everything was on sale.

Buried beneath trinkets, the popped open top drawer of this piece caught my eye. Nothing catches my attention like a secret compartment or a unique piece of furniture like this!

antique thread cabinet

It's a sewing cabinet with a swing out top drawer that has built in thread spool storage. It even came with a little bit of thread inside.

vintage thread spools

It just looks like a normal drawer when it's closed. As you can see, it wasn’t in the prettiest shape when I found it.

antique thread cabinet

A good cleaning and some beeswax polish made a big difference in how the cabinet looks.

antique thread cabinet

I did a little research and found similar swing out drawers for spools but nothing just like this one. It looks like the base might have been attached later, so maybe this was re-purposed.

antique thread cabinet

See a little video clip of how it works on my Instagram

Read about my other piece of vintage sewing furniture, a Martha Washington 

Friday, October 12, 2018

Six Years of Marion's Mittens... on Etsy

We have reached the six year mark on Etsy! While Marion has been knitting for friends, family, and local sales for more than 75 years, our venture onto Etsy was the first time people around the world learned about her mittens.

Here are three things we've loved about being on Etsy this year!

1. Customers

Our customers are just the best. Whether they find exactly what they're looking for and order it without any interaction, or they request something custom and we have a lot of messages back and forth to get it right, it's so much fun to hear from our customers.

5 star reviews

Here is some customer feedback from our sixth year on Etsy:
"Best mittens ever. I love the new colors, and the old mittens I have bought from Marion are still great even after all the sledding, and washes. Thanks." - Margaret, October 30, 2017
"These fit my 4 year old perfectly and are so well made. Great purchase and fast shipment." - Jodi, November 16, 2017
"I bought this as a gift for my daughter and she was delighted!" - Karen, November 21, 2017
"I bought my first pair of Marion's Mittens back in 2012 and after so many wearings and washings, they still look and feel as good as new. I purchased this new pair as a back-up because I live in fear of losing my beloved mittens! Thanks again!" - Jennifer, December 13, 2017
"Beautiful! I can't wait to give them to my daughter on Christmas." - Colleen, December 23, 2017
"I bought these for my Anna cosplay and they were PERFECT!! Love these mittens! Thank you so much!" - Heather, December 27, 2017
 "Just like the ones mom used to make me ❤️" - Jude, January 16, 2018
"Beautiful! Arrived super quickly. Thank you for making it the size I requested" - Rebecca, January 30, 2018 
"Absolutely beautiful, wonderfully made. Will make a lovely hand me down. Thank you" - Tanya, May 25, 2018 
"I can't rave enough about the quality of these mittens. I have a few pairs that I wear regularly in winter, and I keep coming back as a return customer to give more as presents because my friends and family all want some too. You can't go wrong with Marion's Mittens!" - Nathan, June 24, 2018 
"I love this little pom-pom!!! It is so CUTE!! Nice Job!!! FABULOUS SELLER and FAST SHIPPING!! Thank You!!! PERFECT!!!!!" - Sherry Lee, July 26, 2018 
There were so many great reviews it was hard to choose! You can see all 220+ of them here.

2. Reaching Near and Far

Some of our items stay local - others went as far as The Netherlands and Australia in the past year!

batch geo customer map

Want to zoom in and get a closer look at the map? Click here and scroll down.

3. Learning New Things

Laura learned to crochet this year and her aunt started knitting on an Addi machine. We're always up for something new... when we have time! Mittens keep us pretty busy. 

crochet baby afghan

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