Saturday, September 10, 2016

Marion's Mittens Win Awards at the Fair

When I was growing up I was a member of 4H and competed with my pony at the county fair each year. It's fun to go back to the fair as an adult with my mittens. Last year was the first year I tried this out and my children's mittens took second place.

This year I entered two classes: four needle mittens and the children's class. 

Last year I remembered seeing some intricate designs and really detailed work, so I tried to step up my game with my entries this year. 

In the four needle mitten class I entered a pair of small mittens I knitted from alpaca fiber. I picked up this fiber during the Washington County fiber tour last year. It's dyed a very pretty purple color. 

The ladies at the drop off were commenting on how soft it was and how neat and tiny the stitches were, so I had a feeling that this pair would do well. Sure enough, this pair took first place!

To add a little something to my children's pair I decided to enter a dark green pair with an attached crocheted string that connects the mittens. This pair received a second place. 

Another fun time at the fair is in the books and I'm looking forward to planning what I will enter next year. 

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