Sunday, January 15, 2017

New Line of Baby Hats: Knitted from Superfine 100% Merino Wool

I have been asked about hats quite a bit over the years and several months ago I was inspired by some really fine yarn I saw at Joann's. What could I use this yarn for? Baby hats seemed to be the answer.

The yarn is a superfine 100% merino wool by Cleckheaton in Australia. You can read about it here. What I love about this yarn is that it's very soft and doesn't seem as fuzzy/pilly as traditional wool. It is luxuriously soft and smooth. The yarn is very fine and yet it has 8-ply strands woven together for thickness.

The hats are fairly simple but it's the yarn and stitching that sets them apart. In the newborn size, for example, there are 880 stitches in the ribbed band of the hat alone!

The result is a warm, soft garment that will keep your baby's head warm. Using a fine yarn means that the hat isn't too bulky.

I have spent some time designing my own hat pattern (with matching mittens, of course). As of this blog post I am up to three sizes:

  • Small preemies
  • Preemies or small newborns coming home from the hospital
  • Newborns

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