Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Martha Washington Sewing Cabinet - Antique Storage for Knitting Supplies

I have inherited many pieces of antique furniture but this is the first one I've purchased. It's a Martha Washington sewing cabinet that will be perfect for storing all of my knitting supplies! (I already have another grandmother's wooden sewing caddy for those supplies.) 

This particular piece was produced for John Wanamaker department stores. I found a copy of their advertisement offering Martha Washington cabinets for the low price of $12 back in 1914. That's about $286 in today's dollars! 

My cabinet is likely made of mahogany. It may date to the late 1800s as it has irregularly sized (handmade) dovetails. 

That's about all I was able to learn in my initial search. If you know anything else about this piece, I'd love to learn more! In the meantime, I plan on applying some beeswax polish and looking for some matching knobs to replace the broken ones.

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