Sunday, September 17, 2017

Prizes at the Fair Again This Year!

I've entered mittens in the county fair for the past few years. This was the first year I entered some of Marion's items, too. Read on to see how we did!

First up is a pair of children's mittens. I added a white stripe to the string that connects them, hoping that the detail would be appreciated by the judges. It worked out; this pair won first place!

Next up is an entry in the four needle mittens class. I'll admit this was a smaller class; my mittens took first place but the judges commented that the cuffs were a bit short. I agree! I was working with some pretty alpaca fiber and wasn't sure if I'd have enough to make two complete mittens, so I did go a little short on the cuffs.

Up next was the popular hat and mittens set class. There were lots of entries in this class and I was happy to receive third place! This year was my first attempt at making hats. This superfine wool knits beautifully.

Here's the first item I entered for my grandma, Marion. It's a pair of baby booties in yellow. She actually makes these as a set with a matching bonnet and sweater, but the only baby set class was for crocheted items, so I entered these separately.  First place!

I saved the best for last. Marion's baby sweater won first place and I just love the comment: beautifully finished. It speaks to the detail that all of our items have!

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