Saturday, January 11, 2020

Recent Knitting Projects - Cowl Scarf and Mittens Sets

My cowl scarf knitting pattern continues to be popular. Eight people have it in their carts as I write this! Lots of people are using it to DIY their own projects, and my finished cowls keep selling out in the Marion's Mittens Etsy shop.

As a result I've been knitting lots more cowls and decided to offer cowl and mittens sets in my shop. Here are the sets that are finished so far:

blue hand knitted cowl scarf and mittens set
ocean blue cowl scarf & mittens set

charcoal gray hand knitted cowl scarf
charcoal gray heather cowl

charcoal gray hand knitted mittens
charcoal gray heather mittens

My original oatmeal tweed and chunky soft cowls continue to be popular, too. More to come! I'll continue sharing finished projects here as well as on Ravelry under marionsmittens.

See all of them on the Marion's Mittens Etsy shop

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