Sunday, September 23, 2018

Knitting a Super Duper Custom Mittens, Hat, and Scarf Set

We love when customers reach out to us with custom ideas. Recently we had a request for a matching hat, scarf, and mittens set. The hat was similar to ones we already had (just a different color), but the scarf was a new design and the mittens needed to be in a size that didn't exactly match up with what we usually make. No problem! We were up to the challenge.

yellow knit hat, mittens, and scarf set

My aunt made the hat and scarf. She has been making these on her Addi knitting machine. It's still very much a handmade process: the yarn has to be fed onto the Addi, the machine is cranked by hand, the finished item has to be removed by hand, and then there is hand stitching to finish the garment.

yellow knit scarf

Marion made the mittens, of course. They were for someone for small hands and so made to custom specifications with a short cuff.

yellow knit mittens

We are always happy to take requests for customer orders. In the event that we can't make something - we'll tell you. But in most cases we are able to work with a customer's specifications. Customer orders take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months to make and deliver. Timing depends on the season and how many other custom orders we've got in the queue.

yellow knit hat, mittens, and scarf set

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